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Rug Cleaning

It is always a pleasure to buy an expensive rug for the living room or to place it in the lobby to give a “welcome” to the family members or guests. Rug are soft and comfy. There are not much things better than rugs when it comes to convey the warmth of love and respect to the guests at someone’s home. However, rug cleaning has been a headache since ever. While all of us love the idea of organic carpet cleaning safe for kids and pets, we simply do not know how to do this. Those house wives who have to take care of everything at home, can’t use any innovation in this respect. All they have to use is a deep carpet shampoo.

How professionals do this?

In this scenario, it becomes very important to learn as to how the professionals clean the rugs. But before we ever go about learning this, it is important to know what exactly ails our expensive Persian rugs; it is time. With the passage of time, if proper care is not taken, stains and dirt find their place on the rugs and after a certain period, it is very hard to eradicate stubborn stains or dust clots. Not a single do-it-yourself stain removal technique may come and rescue you, if your rug’s stains are old and persistent.

We should also consider the ailments spread by a dusty rug; it includes asthma, lung cancer and severe issues with liver and kidneys. It is not possible for you to try rug cleaning at home and avoid the risk of asthma or lungs cancer. Professionals know how to ensure an ecofriendly rug cleaning and thus they visit your home or office with proper chemicals, equipment and their many years old experience.

Professionals recommend dry cleaning for silk rugs. If your Persian rug is mostly comprising of silk fibers, let the professionals clean the delicate masterpiece with 100% care and with the best dry cleaning practices. Rug cleaning requires the best type of cleaning agents to eradicate the dust and bacteria from even the deepest recesses of your rug’s fibers.

For common rugs, professionals use deep carpet shampoo or steam cleaning to give the best results. It is a matter of protocol to do the vacuuming before any cleaning process is initiated. Professionals are strictly against applying any chemicals or water based solutions, let alone water, on precious rugs without applying vacuuming.

Why us?

Carpet Cleaning Aurora is in the business of rug cleaning for decades and our professionals are known for their innovative and cutting edge methods of rug cleaning. Here are a few reasons why you would choose only us and not anyone else for your domestic or commercial rug cleaning errands:

✔  Our cleaning tactics are time tested and professionals.

✔  We never pay you a visit without a schedule approved by you.

✔  We are bound to leave your premises within the given time and we deliver your rugs neat and clean.

✔  We give a post-cleaning manual to help you take good care of your rugs until you need a quarterly cleaning again.

Call us right now at (630) 447-0808 to be inspired by the perfection and the brilliance of our services!

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